Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smartboard Lessons - Tens-Frames for Building Math Number Sense K-1

Here is your next set of Smart board lessons created from:  “Number Talks Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies. These lessons include fluency number talks using Five- and Ten-Frames.

These 66 daily tens-frame lessons provide multiple opportunities for your students to work with and visualize numbers in a variety of combinations. These lessons are designed to be presented sequentially allowing students to apply the strategies learned from previous problems. The focus of the number lessons 3 to 9 centers around asking students “How many dots do you see?" and; "How do you see them?" The last number talk lesson for the number 10 switches the number talk focus to “How many more to make ten?”

All Smart board lessons provide a lesson plan to facilitate direct instruction and follow-up activities, as well as supporting website resources, and activities links in the resource section. In the resource section, you will find links your students can use in the computer lab for follow-up practice.

The next set of lessons that I will upload for you will focus on introducing and developing math fact strategies for first and second grade through use of Dot Images, the Rekenrek, and the Tens-Frame.

I hope you feel that these Smart board lessons will support your morning math routine and help your students develop number sense. Feel free to request more information or send questions. I would be happy to respond.  For anyone who is unable to open Smart Board documents, I will be creating these in power point when I have completed the Smart Board Lessons. Keep watching for additional Smart board lessons and activities that can also be used for centers. 


  1. These are fabulous and much cutier than what I have used in the past. LOL THank you very much for sharing them. I really appreciate it. We do Singapore Math so this is wonderful!

  2. Thank you! My first grade team thanks you too!

  3. AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for posting! Number talks are our school's math intervention so these are pefect!


  4. Hi!! I just found your blog! It is so adorable. I love the Smartboard number lessons. Thanks so much!! When you have some time, come check out my blog.


  5. I cannot tell you how I excited I am to find these lovely resources that you are so freely sharing...we were going to have to make it for our team..Just as Oceans of Fun says: "I thank you, and my team thanks you!"
    g in texas

  6. Thanks for your kind words!!! I've been negligent on posting more of my smartboard documents. I've had lots of changes these last few months so it's time to redirect myself to my first love ~ sharing!!

  7. I just found you by searing for 1st grade Treasures activities. I found your Treasures pirate blog- do you have activities for each of the units?
    I am your newest fan!
    Fun in 1st Grade